A Homage To Fatherhood: Stylish, Kind, Down To Earth

A homage to fatherhood: stylish, kind, and down-to-earth.

This one started as a conversation with an ex-pupil. I said if she got an ‘A’ grade in their psychology A-Level I would create a collage about her father.

She lost her dad to cancer three years ago (I think).

Continuing to be on my own cancer journey (and thankfully having reached two years cancer-free) I was able to hear what they had to say.

Turned out…she got a ‘B’ grade when she opened her envelope.

She was close to an ‘A’ so applied for a review…and it went up to an ‘A’ grade.

So I did the collage.

I asked her for three words to represent her dad and she chose: stylish, kind, and down-to-earth.

As I created it, so I started to think about fathers and fatherhood in general.

And that it’s not something I will be experiencing.

I offer this is my tribute to fathers and expressions of fatherhood everywhere.



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