About This Blog

I started collaging in early 2014 as part of a training course. This course was spread out over a year and explored themes such as play, growth and development, and having fun in life.

One thing I discovered (amongst many) is that I had a very fixed idea of ‘creativity’.

I never thought of myself as ‘really’ creative. Creative people are ‘cool’, ‘arty’ and ‘colourful’ or whatever stereotype came to my head.

This is odd because I write on Self-Awarness Is My Secret Weapon, wrote a Daily Insight for years, play guitar, and receive regular compliments on how I dress…

Through 2014, though, people said they thought my collages were great. I started to enjoy the process even more.

What emerged was an expression of something.

And that’s why I’m sharing my collages here: an expression and exploration of my self.

Perhaps that’s what creativity is?