About This Blog

I started collaging in early 2014 as part of a training course. This course was spread out over a year and explored themes such as play, growth and development, and having fun in life.

One thing I discovered (amongst many) is that I had a very fixed idea of ‘creativity’.

I never thought of myself as ‘really’ creative. Creative people are ‘cool’, ‘arty’ and ‘colourful’ or whatever stereotype came to my head.

This is odd because I’ve been writing on Jesus Is My Homeboy since 2005, on Daily Insight since 2013, play guitar, and receive regular compliments on how I dress…

Through 2014, though, people said they thought my collages were great. I started to enjoy the process even more.

What emerged was an expression of something.

And that’s why I’m sharing my collages here: an expression and exploration of my self.

Perhaps that’s what creativity is?